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Video Premiere: Marc Douglas Berardo “The Hard Part”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Marc Douglas Berardo’s song “The Hard Part,” from his forthcoming 7th album, Temporary Things.  Temporary Things was produced by Marc Douglas Berardo and Chris Berardo.

“The Hard Part” is Marc Douglas Berardo on vocals and acoustic guitar; Eric Parker on drums; Mark Dan on bass; Marc Scortino on keyboards; and Chris Berardo on background vocals.

The video is courtesy of SHC Music Tribe and DC Studios.

There might not be any natural setting more supportive of the notion of struggle than an overcast, gray beach with whitecapped waves rolling in.  This choice for the video really underscores Marc Douglas Berardo’s intent with this song.  Enjoy the story of melancholy with a ray of optimism within the music..

The song “The Hard Part” was written while recuperating from losing my singing voice for a little over two months. The impermanence of my ability to sing, something that I’ve been able to do without much thought my whole life, became the lesson before me. The song was a bit of self advice and a reminder to carry-on above all things. I wrote it to guide myself through the problem. The song concludes with a dollop of hope. — Marc Douglas Berardo

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