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Video Premiere: Jefferson Ross “Baptize the Gumbo”

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Jefferson Ross — “Baptize The Gumbo”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Jefferson Ross’ song “Baptize the Gumbo,” from his new album Southern Currency scheduled for release on March 18.  Southern Currency was by Thomm Jutz, recorded by Thomm Jutz and Andy Kern, and mastered by Alex McCollough.

Musicians on the project are Ross on guitars and lead vocals; Thomm Jutz on guitars and harmony; Mike Compton on mandolin; Mark Fain on upright bass; Tammy Rogers-King on fiddle and harmony; and Lynn Williams on drums and percussion.

The video was shot and edited by Jefferson Ross.  The song is catchy, relatable, with a pinch of humor all rolled into a sense of droll realism. The video captures this intention perfectly with scenes of Jefferson Ross that look absolutely timeless.  And whether or not you knew the phrase “baptize the gumbo” before this song, it’ll be on your mind now.

This one is about the miracle of hospitality. To baptize the gumbo is just to add another ladle of water if another guest shows up. There’s always enough to go around. Bienvenue! — Jefferson Ross

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