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REVIEW: Tammy Rogers and Thomm Jutz “Surely Will Be Singing”


Tammy Rogers and Thomm Jutz have a new album coming out January 21: Surely Will Be Singing (Mountain Fever Records). Surely Will Be Singing was produced and recorded by Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz; mixed by Brent Truitt and mastered by Alex McCollough.  Album photos are by Anthony Scarlati, and cover artwork is courtesy of Julie Sola.

All songs were written by Tammy Rogers and Thomm Jutz, although they have a classic and timeless air, as though you’ve already known them somehow. Rogers (a Grammy winner with the Steel Drivers) and Grammy-nominated Jutz have written (together) a combined total of over 120 songs over the years, so the songs on this album have risen to the top from a big batch.

“I Surely Will Be Singing” opens the album with an old time country bluegrass thrill.  “As long as I am breathing I surely will be singing” (like the bird on a limb) this song celebrates the effects of singing right out loud.

“On Your Own” has a light touch of sweet strings and vocals combined in a story of heading out on your own, and the reflection on that time. Tammy sings it solo.  “All Around My Cabin Door” builds up more somber suspense, this one sung by Thomm as the clouds darken overhead.

“Long Gone” was an early release single, with swift nimble fiddle and banjo playing.  The harmonious blend of Jutz and Rogers’ vocals is delightful and the music will make your feet dance uncontrollably. What are you going to do when she’s long gone on the rails, even after she said she loved you?  “If you don’t seize the moment you’ll be left with just a dream.”

“Mountain Angel” has the banjo trills and tingly harmonies of an old time bluegrass number.  “A Writer’s Tear” puts some minor steps into the mix in this song of the life of a poet, or maybe a songwriter.  “Speakeasy Blues” is back to the fun times with a song of what it was like during prohibition.

“Five More Winters to Come” is a song of foreboding, and Rogers & Jutz capture the emotion seemingly effortlessly.  Northerners know that feeling of extra winters appearing after it seemed they were over, and the metaphor for life is clear.

The rest of the album’s songs are just as compelling as the first few in the sequence. You can’t rush through this album demanding that it show its essence, you need to let it unfold and reveal itself to you.  And when you do, it’s so worth it.

Find the music here: https://thommjutz.com/tammy-rogers-thomm-jutz

Musicians on the album are Tammy Rogers on vocals, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and viola; Thomm Jutz on vocals and guitars; Mark Fain on upright bass; Justin Moses on banjo and dobro; and Lynn Williams on drums and percussion.




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