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REVIEW: Simone Felice “All the Bright Coins”


Simone Felice — All The Bright Coins 

Simone Felice releases a mix of music and poetry on is solo record All the Bright Coins. Known more for his production work with Jade Bird, Bat for Lashes, The Lumineers, and his work with his brothers in The Felice Brothers, than his solo work, All the Bright Coins continues to showcase the wealth of talent flowing from this family.

Recorded in the Catskill Mountains, All The Bright Coins reflects directly on the collective trauma brought on by a global pandemic. The lead single, “A Year Around the Sun,” showcases this sense in quiet broken pleas, “Just another year around the sun, and it’s been a lost and lonely one, but mister when it’s all said and done, it’s just another year around the sun.” Felice evokes an immediacy and intimacy that draws the listener into his sparsely populated sonic world. The spoken word poetry of “The World’s Fair” carries listeners on a journey at once mysterious and menacing.

“Puppet” finds Felice collaborating with Four Tet, his brother James, and David Baron on a track that compares the performing life to a puppet on a string. “Puppet sing, puppet dance; go to England, go to France; bring your sorrows out on the road; puppet stand, puppet bow; boy you really got em now; what you going after the show?”, ponders Felice. On “Radio Silence”, Felice apologies for when he slips away, and communication breaks down while “After the Rain” embraces redemption on the other side of reconnection. “You won’t have to walk alone, city streets or the Valley of Shadows, you won’t have to walk alone,” he assures.

If you’re a fan of The Felice Brothers in their more contemplative and quiet moments, then Simone Felice’s All The Bright Coins is especially for you. Also, for those that miss spoke word records of the past, Felice will scratch your itch with “The World’s Fair” and “Bare Trees.” If you’re a fan of music that moves with emotive immediacy, then this collection will move you. Give All the Bright Coins a listen today; you’ll be glad you did.

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