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Video Premiere: Jackie Bristow “Livin’ For Love”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Jackie Bristow’s song “Livin’ For Love,” from her new album Outsider, due out March 4, 2022 on Mesa Bluemoon Records.  Outsider was produced and mixed by Mark Punch, and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville.  Rick Price and Kristin Wilkinson (Chris Stapleton) produced string arrangements.

“Livin’ For Love” is Jackie Bristow on acoustic guitar and vocals; Mark Punch on guitar; Mark Collins on banjo; Thomas Gallatin on percussion;  Clayton Doley on Hammond organ; Jorgen Carlsson on bass; Greg Morrow on drums; and Mark Punch, Kristen Rogers (Lori McKenna), and Rick Price on backing vocals.  This is a really uplifting song about the choices we sometimes have to make in life between money and love.  “Are we livin’ for love?” she asks in a honeyed vocal tone with the gentlest of banjo sounds and lots more.

“Livin’ for Love” was inspired when visiting a friend in Sydney. We had an inspiring conversation about what motivates us in life. We are both artists and have lived the life of an artist and embrace that life and choose to be surrounded by people who resonate that same vibration. I personally have never made decisions based for the $$$ I guess.

In some ways it’s quite courageous. I personally have always followed my heart and music has been my calling, a force that has taken me on an incredible journey. Over the past decade the world has changed so much with corporations and globalization and when traveling I met so many different people… I often think about their life’s and what motivates them also.

When touring I exposed to so many different scernarios… and some very, very rich people not all but some who seem sad and empty and I guess this song is reflecting on that.

No matter what your situation life is full of challenges and we are all face struggles and heartache but at the end of the day love concours all and choosing love for yourself and the world helps spread more love and more positively and happiness! This song reflects on that and I choose to continue to lead from the heart and choose love.—Jackie Bristow


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