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REVIEWS: Johnny Dowd “Homemade Pie”


Johnny Dowd — Homemade Pie

Johnny Dowd has a new album due out on January 1: Homemade Pie. Recording for the album was manned by Dave Hinkle in The Shop. The album was mixed and mastered by Matthew Saccuccimorano.

Musicians on the album are Johnny Dowd on lyrics, music, vocals, guitar, and keyboard. Additional musicians on the album are Mike Edmondson on guitar, vocals, and keyboard; Kim Sherwood-Cason on vocals; and Willie B on drums. Cover art was created by Johnny Dowd with the design courtesy of Iron Design.

The title track is a driving spoken word song with dissonance and a waitress who “pointed at the blackboard and said homemade pie.”  People made me “pay for all the lyin’ words I said” is the heart of this rhythmic tale of the irked salesman.

“Out For Blood” continues the dissonant on-the-beat march beat with noisy backgrounds and a wry perspective from the stranger in your town. “Silk Scarf” continues the edgy, avant-garde noisy commentary, and you picture New York subways and the Velvet Underground across the alley. “Rose” continues the punctuated dance with the tale of the only girl who loved him, who kept him warm.

“Rick Ross” recounts judgment day in deadpan.  Harmonies by Kim Sherwood-Cason smooth the angles without altering the underground course of events.

“You can call me the wind,” Sherwood-Cason launches in “Call Me the Wind,” as Dowd echoes in a twisted call and response.

Dowd is an underground, off color, minor note cacaphonous prophet.  Check out Homemade Pie and more, here:

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