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Video Premiere: Bren Holmes “Sweet Talkin’ Angel”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Bren Holmes’ song “Sweet Talkin’ Angel” from his forthcoming solo album Everything You Never Wanted, due to be released on September 17.  Everything You Never Wanted was produced by Bren Holmes (Young Dubliners) and Bryan Dobbs (Brett Anderson); engineered and mixed by Bryan Dobbs at Motorcycle Cat Studio in Atwater Village.

“Sweet Talkin’ Angel” was written by Bren Holmes. The song is Holmes on vocals, guitar, bass, and mandolin; Dave Raven (Nellie McKay, John Doe) on percussion;  and Bryan Dobbs on electric guitar, lap steel, and dobro.

The video was directed by Bobby Field.  Setting the stage with scenes of a hushed wide open desertscape, the video supports the genuine foundation of the happy-go-lucky Irish rock love song that emerges.  When you listen to Bren Holmes, everything automatically feels okay.

The song came about under no particular circumstances, I had met someone round the time I wrote it, so I was goin’ thru a little lovey dovey phase I guess…the melody came to me first and then I added the chords and the rest is history as they say…

There’s a little of the fighting spirit in some of the songs—maybe it came from the Irish rock band background. That being said, I wanted to shy away from the Irish vibe and try something different…I’ve always liked the Americana scene, so I set my sights on that to see what would happen…

There’s no sweet talking’ angel, although it’s loosely based on my girlfriend…she made me say that ha ha!

I picked Mirage lake in Southern California as the location. I had done some photo shoots there for a former client, and always wanted to shoot a video in that location. The girl dancing is the amazingly talented Rebecca Ocampo, who is also a wonderful actor!

Yes, the video was shot during the pandemic, it was perfect timing! Just a few crew members and the two of us! — Bren Holmes


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