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Podcast: “Staring at the World” with Kurt Neumann

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Staring at the World — Podcast by Kurt Neumann

Q&A with BoDeans’ Kurt Neumann and podcast Producer, T Torrence Productions.

Kurt Neumann
BoDeans’ Kurt Neumann’s Podcast, Staring at the World launched 10/27/21.

https://youtu.be/0NtjjAbhk58 https://youtu.be/VP4Nv5ZM7fU https://youtu.be/sOLmk8Q-BTY https://youtu.be/n2HJWA_Ov0E


This week marked the launch of the new audio/visual podcast, Staring at the World with BoDeans’ Kurt Neumann. Staring at the World will focus in on the creative elements with interviews of some of the world’s most innovative and creative voices.

On Staring at the World, BoDeans’ Kurt Neumann delves deep into conversations with innovators, celebrities, investment gurus, music industry giants and specialists. The podcast aims to shed light on understanding how embracing the creative element and cultivating creativity inspires outside-the-box thinking and brings innovation to the world.

The first season, launched with two two-part specials, featuring Miles Copeland, Maverick music manager and taste-maker, best known for managing Sting and The Police and founding IRS Records where he discovered REM and The Go-Gos. Miles Copeland talks about the making of “Roxanne” by the Police and how that came to be and shares more about the art of getting to yes! How he secured record deals for his artists who became well known acts in the industry. Also, Steve Sims, who is the founder and CEO of the luxury concierge service Bluefish. In 2017, Sims published a book, Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. Steve is known for being a power speaker, business coach, brand designer and creative disruptor as he puts it. Steve gives advice on how to make things fall into your favor. Sims is known for working with Elon Musk, The Pope, John Paul DeJoria, Richard Branson, and Elton John to name a few.

We are so excited to go behind the scenes with Americana Highways, to discuss the podcast interviews, from Kurt’s point of view!

Q&A with BoDeans’ Kurt Neumann and podcast Producer, T Torrence Productions.

T Torrence Productions: Kurt, Why is highlighting the creative element and today’s creative innovators important to you?

Kurt Neumann: Because growing up I feel like teachers in school and the people around me were never talking about the importance of creativity in every day life and everything we do. 

One of the things I did best in life was to daydream. People always seem to act like that was a bad thing. Or a waste of time. Then I read about Albert Einstein. And how he came up with the theory of relativity. Which was basically daydreaming about time and space and how it all works together. Which is the kind of thing I was doing my whole life.

So I always wanted to teach a class in school about the creative element. Not everybody’s brains work the same. We learn in different ways. But our scholastic system isn’t real good at recognizing that. So I wanted to point out to people just how important it was. The creative element in everything we do every day of our lives.

T Torrence Productions: What were your key takeaways from your conversation with Steve Sims and how do you think this episode will inspire others to “go for it” and make things happen?

Kurt Neumann: Steve Sims thought he had to become a stockbroker in order to make that kind of money he wanted to. However, life had other plans for him. Luckily his wife noticed that he was already making large sums of money doing something that he found almost effortless. I hope people come away from this podcast learning that they don’t have to have everything figured out all the time. Sometimes things are happening right around you that you might notice if you weren’t so focused on something else. 

Don’t let your preconceived ideas get in the way of the great things that might be going on all around you already. Keep your mind open. Opportunity is rarely perfect.

And don’t be afraid to dive in and make mistakes.

T Torrence Productions: What did you learn from your interview with veteran music manager, Miles Copeland and did you relate to his stories, coming from the same industry?

Kurt Neumann: I think some of the best advice Miles Copeland gave me was:

“If you want something from somebody else… Make it easy for them to say yes. Again, don’t come in to things with these rigid preconceived ideas about how everything supposed to go. Do your best to come up with a great idea… Or a great sound… Or a great look or schtick and go with it.”

It’s difficult in the music business because it’s hard to mix your art or your love of music with the business of selling your music. 

Remember you don’t have to sell your music. You can sit in a room and play music all day and night just because you love playing. 

But the music business is a business. And it can be heartbreaking sometimes. So do what you love and love what you do. And focus on that.

T Torrence Productions: Anything else you want to share with Americana Highways’ readers  about Staring at the World podcast?

Kurt Neumann: Doing a podcast wasn’t anything I was thinking about doing. My daughter suggested I do one and I thought… “Well if you can find people who are willing to sit down and talk to me… I’d love to talk to people with great stories about how important creativity is in our every day lives… And how little we seem to talk about it“.

As I said earlier I’ve always wanted to teach a class and try to reach kids to open up their minds to the fact that creativity is at the core of most everything we do. That you don’t have to do things the way other people said you have to. Sometimes it’s better to turn it around… Turn it upside down… Tear it apart… Put it back together your own way. Since the first time I bought a guitar I was tearing them apart and putting them back together. Experimenting. Now I have thousands of people who come up to me all the time and ask me “how do you get that tone”?

The Bastard Guitars that I build are very specific to my playing. From years of tearing guitars apart.

But I don’t just do it with guitars I do it with the clothes I wear… The foods I eat… 

So be sure to look for my upcoming cookbook called “everything‘s better on toast“

(Staring at the World with BoDeans’ Kurt Neumann is available on all major platforms, including Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, with an audio/visual podcast on YouTube)




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  1. Hey this is Lori Jensen Bob’s EX, I just want to say I think this is the most well done podcast I’ve ever seen Kurt you are very articulate calm engaging I think you are excellent at this and I’m enjoying watching Kenny Arnoff. You’re very smart and charming and I think this is a very great Niche for you. Bless your family

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