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Song Premiere: Katie Cole “Short Story Long”

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Katie Cole — “Short Story Long”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Katie Cole’s song ”Short Story Long,” from her forthcoming album.  The song was produced, engineered and mixed by Howard Willing with assistance from Lowell Reynold, and vocal arrangements produced by Katie Cole.  It was mastered by Sterling Sound.

“Short Story Long” is Fred Eltringham on drums; Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick) on bass; Tim Pierce on electric guitar; Ilya Toshinskiy on acoustic guitar; Tim Lauer on keys; and vocals courtesy of Katie Cole, Kim Fleming, Kim Mont, and Gale Mayes.   This song flat out rocks.  And who doesn’t relate to the impulse to end the drama and keep a short story short?  If you haven’t checked out Katie Cole, and you love you some rock ‘n roll, this is a great place to start.

This song was the last song out of a group I had written that I was recording. And I knew this song had to pack a punch. So I spent a lot of time working one on one with my Producer, Howard Willing doing pre-production and arrangements til we knew we had the right version of this song record. I grew up listening to a lot of really strong female vocalists like Aretha, Janis and Annie Lennox so I knew I had to conjure up that sort of attitude and power for this vocal delivery. I’m really proud of this song. — Katie Cole

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/22iruT0j9GuEB4qKmZCmvu?si=3a92171d610043c2


Apple – https://music.apple.com/us/album/short-story-long/1584820567?i=1584820568


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