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Song Premiere: Micah Walk “Stay With Me” prod. Sadler Vaden

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Micah Walk’s song “Stay With Me” from his album Among the Stars, which will be released on October 1. The song will be released on August 20.   Among the Stars was produced by Sadler Vaden and engineered by Paul Ebersold.  Micah Walk is part of the band The Deep Hollow.

“Stay With Me” is Micah Walk on acoustic guitars and vocals; Sadler Vaden on electric guitars and background vocals; Kai Welch on keyboards and piano; Tony Lucido on bass and Fred Eltringham on drums and percussion. With disarming vocal tones and genuine songwriting, Micah Walk conveys a remarkable sincerity.   And musically he just nails it, especially under the skilled tutelage of Sadler Vaden’s production.

We were right in the thick of lockdowns when I wrote this song. With life being turned upside down all of a sudden, and performances – work – essentially disappearing, I was already starting to struggle a bit with mental health and self-worth. On top of that, my wife worked in a hospital. And things were so uncertain in the early stages of the pandemic, I worried a lot about her having to put herself at risk. “Stay with Me” just sort of fell out.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had Sadler produce these songs. I’ve been a fan for a long time. Of course, I love his work with Jason Isbell, but also his solo stuff. There was also a mutual love for 90s rock that I think really comes through in the productions, which I think is pretty cool. The band he put together for this album is made up of some amazing musicians who play or have played with lots of heavy hitters – Kacey Musgraves, Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams and many, many more. I’m fairly certain the opportunity to have Sadler play, sing and produce, as well as have this particular band on the album would not have been possible in a normal year. So that’s a big silver lining for 2020 for me. — Micah Walk

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