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REVIEW: Emily Scott Robinson “American Siren”


Emily Scott Robinson — American Siren

The songs on singer songwriter Emily Scott Robinson’s third release, the aptly named American Siren, will comfort you, make you cry, and have you dancing in your seat. Produced by Jason Richmond (The Avett Brothers, The Steep Canyon Rangers), American Sirens will be released Oct. 29, via John Prine’s Oh Boy Records, her first release in partnership with the folk legend’s label. One listen and you’ll know why she was invited to release with Oh Boy.

Like the siren itself, American Siren is also a hybrid. Robinson’s clear, sweet soprano voice wraps you in its warm embrace, while her storytelling takes you on a journey through her heart and life.

Lead track “Old Gods,” is a stand out folk song that will carve its own place in history. Grounded in Robinson’s lovely acoustic guitar strumming and picking, and carried by her clear sweet voice, with delicious backing harmonies, you’ll find yourself tapping your foot and humming along, and softly singing the refrain “carry my prayers on the ocean, carry my prayers on the sea” long after the last notes have drifted off.

In “Things You Learn the Hard Way,” a storytelling song of life tips, you’ll hear hints of the Indigo Girls, an early influence. “If Trouble Comes a Lookin’” has a more traditional country sound, the perfect backdrop for this tale of forbidden love.

Robinson’s voice is the star of “Let ’em Burn,” a beautifully tragic piano ballad about finding yourself somewhere you didn’t ever want to be, and wondering about roads not taken. She hits the high notes with operatic perfection.

“Cheap Seats” is another feel-good hit, a great sing-along country/Southern rock song where you can almost see a young Robinson scribbling lyrics on the back of her order book on her waitressing shift while customers wait for their checks. With fiddle and southern rock guitar riffs, you’ll find yourself dancing in your seat and imagining yourself singing along in a packed house.

There’s not a disappointing track on the list. A mix of country, folk, acoustic and electric, with hints of fiddle, and one full on Bluegrass number, “Old North State” which pays homage to her home state of North Carolina, American Sirens is a solid listen all the way through.

To see tour dates and get your copy of American Siren, visit: http://www.emilyscottrobinson.com


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