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Video Premiere: Alias James “Hell (if I don’t cry)

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Alias James’ song “Hell (if I don’t cry),” from his recently released song produced by Alias James for Ravenhood Music.

“Hell (If I don’t cry” is AJ on vocals and guitars; Dave Zirbel on pedal steel; and JP McLean on bass.

The video features the Kick’n Country Girls and Cowtown Cowgirls line dance teams, with the West County Freelancers and Shadowman.  Get ready to tune up your best honky tonk moves while you’re listening to Alias James.  He has an ear for the catchy.

This is one of those songs that just show up at your door, like a stray dog. I don’t remember anything about the writing and recording except one thing: when the great steel player Dave Zirbel stood up after playing it he said: “there’s some honky tonk. Now that’s my wheelhouse”. So when I hear it now, that’s what I think of. And when I enlisted some folks for the video, especially those kids, they really got off on the steel playing. I sent it to Deanna Reade, captain of the Kick’n Country Girls line dance team and she said “great song, we can do the Tush Push to this”; she also invited her friends from the Cowtown Cowgirls, and it was a great day, out there in the parking lot of the Moose Lodge.

For a song that’s about crying, this one puts a smile on my face. My favorite line is ‘got a heart like the Titanic, goin down to the sound of violins.’

Have a good one! — Alias James

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