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Video Premiere: Mike Coykendall “Hi Ho Hotel”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Mike Coykendall’s song “Hi Ho Hotel,”  from his pending album The Dirt and the Dust, slated to be available on November 11 via Bandpa Records. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Mike Coykendall; recorded at Blue Rooms and Singing Sands Studio in Portland, OR; and mastered by John Greenham.

“Hi Ho Hotel” is a tongue in cheek song about the most disappointing of hotels.  It’s  Mike Coykendall on acoustic guitar and vocals, with drums by Buddy Weeks.  Schedule a little fun and satire to the backdrop of quality music in your day with this latest by Mike Coykendall.

The video was created by Charlie Maxton.

This is kind of a rally song for the conflict avoidant types, of which I am one. We tend to find our little corners where we feel safe and we get stuck there, returning again and again. Here’s to knowing when it’s time to stop escaping and time to start visiting some of the scary places. Escapists, escaping escapism.

The video was made by Charlie Maxton, who has made four videos for me now over the last ten years. Charlie and I have known each other since the mid-80s in Wichita. We both played in bands in Wichita, both moved to San Francisco in the 90s, and both ended up in Portland, Oregon. In our neighborhood there’s an old Eagles Lodge that is probably not long for the world. There used to be a Goodwill drop-off location in their parking lot, but that’s been five years or so ago. They put up a sign reading “Goodwill is gone.” I found that evocative. Then they tacked on a “The” then a “please no dumping.” I became obsessed with the sign over the years, as it weathered. People were no longer dumping there so I stole it. Now Charlie has it in his backyard for safekeeping. BTW – That’s Buddy Weeks, who plays on the record with me, pounding the drums in the Eagles Lodge parking lot. — Mike Coykendall

Get ahold of the music here: https://bandpa.bandcamp.com/


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