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Video Premiere: The Nashvillains “There to Catch Me”

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The Nashvillains — “There to Catch Me”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of The Nashvillains’ song “There to Catch Me,” from their forthcoming concept album. The album was produced by Brett Boyett; engineered by Kyle Manner with assistant engineer Austin Stanley; mixed by Billy Decker and mastered by Andrew Mendelson of Georgetown Mastering.

“There to Catch Me” is Evan Hutchings on drums; Brett Boyett on acoustic guitar, programming, harmony vocals and keys; Travis Vance on bass; Larissa Maestro on cello; Troy Johnson on keys and lead vocals; 
and Scott Lindsey on background vocals.

The video was directed by Zan Dainwood.  The video contains footage of the band, plus footage from their earlier video of the same song.  Enjoy the foreboding tones and enveloping magic of the Nashvillains’ latest song, while watching the compelling dark footage.  

“There to Catch Me” is an introspective look at loss and love. It’s a reflection of a loss so great and impactful that the reverberations are life altering. This song is a theme of life that everyone can relate to in some capacity and we think the videographer captured those feelings in this video through the transitions and the black and white scheme. –Brett Boyett

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