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Video Premiere: Paul Renna “Evergreen”

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This photo is by Christena Renna

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Paul Renna’s new song “Evergreen” from his upcoming album. This version of “Evergreen” is Paul Renna solo on vocals and guitar.  The video is by Brian Omillion, and is footage from August 29, 2021 Live at The Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas.

“Evergreen” was written during the pandemic with the intention to seek refuge within a love story. During these strange times it was important as an artist to stay focused while still allowing myself to daydream. Love is always at the center of my dialogues, and I wanted to take the listener to a beautiful place filled with endearment. This live acoustic performance is the songs stripped down version as it was written. — Paul Renna

In these truly uncertain times, it’s nice that the technology and the willpower are available to make live music available.  This live performance is in that category.  Renna brings you  one of his signature emotive performances in this pretty, bright acoustic delivery of his song of wonder and love, “Evergreen.”  Listen and enjoy.

Renna has released several singles that are available now on Spotify and on Apple Music and iTunes.  Find more music and information here on his website:

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