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Song Premiere: LadyCouch “Future Looks Fine”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of LadyCouch’s song “Future Looks Fine,” from their album The Future Looks Fine, releasing September 10th on Blackbird Record Label. The Future Looks Fine was produced by Allen Thompson and Gordon Persha; recorded by Colin Cargile, Gordon Persha, and Allen Thompson at The Purple Building and LadyCouchLand Studios; engineered by Colin Cargile, Gordon Persha, and Robert Gay; and mixed by Gordon Persha. The album’s mastering was courtesy of Chris Frasco.

“Future Looks Fine” is Keshia Bailey and Allen Thompson on lead vocals; Olivia Burnett  on vocals; Grayson Downs on piano and organ; Mike Ford Jr. on Guitar; Clint Maine on guitar; Gordon Persha on bass; Ray Dunham on drums; Diego Vasquez on trombone and horn arrangements; Paul Thacker on saxophones and Robert Gay on trumpet.

LadyCouch has a rousing complexity and a powerful optimism that shines through in the project.

“Future Looks Fine” came from Allen and I reminding ourselves everything is going to be just that, fine. The song came to us while Allen and I were driving back from a short tour out west. I couldn’t write the words down fast enough. I think on our ride back from said tour is when we both knew we were going to do this together for a while, along with our LadyCouch family. Again, it may not be perfect, and we damn sure ain’t perfect, but together The Future Looks Fine and we’re fine. – Keshia Bailey

After the raging nightmare that was 2020, we figured Future Looks Fine seemed a little more realistic than “The Future Looks Amazing” or “The Future Looks Splendid.” Also, it sings better with only one syllable. We wanted to give folks a little bit of hope, but we didn’t want them to get their hopes up TOO much. We don’t want to catch any grief if the future turns out to be less than amazing or splendid. If you’re going to bother with expectations, I think they should be realistic. – Allen Thompson

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