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Song Premiere: Jackson Melnick “Raghse Zarrat”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Jackson Melnick’s song “Raghse Zarrat” from his upcoming released Abilene.  Abilene was produced by Christopher Henry; engineered by Christopher Henry and Miranda Serra G; recorded at Noya Mountain Music in Charlotte, NC and Zippah Recording Studio in Boston, MA.  The album was mixed by Christopher Henry and mastered by Tim Roberts.  The album’s photo was taken by Jack Pierson and the album art was designed by Jackson Melnick, Elina Frumerman & Bellamy Brewster.

“Raghse Zarrat” is Jackson Melnick on vocals and guitar;  Christopher Henry on harmonies, mandolin, percussion, bass, and banjo; and Chloe Feoranzo on clarinet.  There’s something that’s both shiny and lilting, and grounded and sincere, about Jackson Melnick’s music.  This song in particular is poetic and ethereal.

This song is a song about grief. It could be the grief of any loss, which always has so much love at its root. This song is in part an adaptation of a Rumi poem called “Raghse Zarrat,” which means, “dancing atoms” or “dance of the atoms”. I took the ideas in that, and some of the transliteration, and built it out into a song, six or seven years after first coming across the poem in a movie called Bab Aziz. — Jackson Melnick

Order and pre-save the album here: https://ffm.bio/jacksonmelnick


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