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Song Premiere: Danielle Cormier “Green Light”

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Danielle Cormier — “Green Light”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Danielle Cormier’s song “Green Light” from her forthcoming album Reflexion.  The album was produced by Adam Lester, and is the result of Cormier’s songwriting about her desires to shake off the pandemic and get on with life. Reflexion will be available on August 20.

“Green Light” is Danielle Cormier on vocals and backing vocals, Adam Lester on guitar, bass, and piano; and  Dan Needham on percussion.  “Fear has been holding me back… I’ve been waiting for a green light,” is an all-too-familiar sentiment, and Cormier adeptly captures the feeling of embarking on a new adventure.

This song is about taking that leap, that risk to do what you’ve wanted. There are always going to be obstacles and excuses you can make for yourself so there will never be a “right time”. It could be taking the next step in a relationship, starting a new job, or following your dreams. You just have to go for it and everything else will fall into place. — Danielle Cormier

Fine more information and links to her music here: http://www.daniellecormiermusic.com/

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