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Song Premiere: Ben Bostick “Under the Palmetto Moon”

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Ben Bostick — “Under the Palmetto Moon”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Ben Bostick’s song “Under the Palmetto Moon” from his new album Grown Up Love, slated to be released on August 20. Grown Up Love is a series of songs about love that arose from the pandemic and his daughter’s diagnosis with Rett Syndrome.

“Under the Palmetto Moon” is Ben Bostick on lead vocals, acoustic guitars, synthesizer, and piano; Jack Jones on drums; Cory Tramontelli on fretless bass guitar; Matt Stoessel on pedal steel guitar; Kathleen Ray on French horn and Colin Agnew on percussion.  Bostick has a timeless maturity about him from his vocals to the musical arrangements to the insights of his songwriting. Listen and give it a try.

This song is like a Terrence Malick dream to me. I originally wrote it as a fast, punky number with muted power chords. It’s about people riding motorcycles after all. But it seemed corny. When I figured out the dreamy arpeggiations that form the base of the track, everything fell into place. The image of a couple meeting outside an Amazon warehouse every Friday night to go on a long motorcycle ride under the South Carolina night sky is something I could watch forever. It seems so carefree to leave their world behind, no thoughts, just riding free. — Ben Bostick



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