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Album Premiere: F. Scott and the Nighthawks “Hold Onto Your Heart”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere stream of F. Scott and the Nighthawks’ album Hold Onto Your Heart, scheduled to be released on August 13.

Hold Onto Your Heart is F.Scott on guitar and vocals;  Jarek ‘Jerry’ Hardy on guitar and vocals;  Justin Clarke on acoustic guitar and vocals;  Scotty B. Goode on guitar and lap steel;  Tyson Hiseler on bass; Benny “The Bearcat” Arseneau on drums.

F. Scott and the Nighthawks have a southern rock baseline, and a high rock ‘n roll energy platform. May we direct your attention to “Moondogs and Nighthawks” for an example of their more emotive craftsmanship. Then turn it up for some outlaw intensity.

This whole thing has been a wild ride from the get go. I pulled together my best pals and with blind faith and loads of guitars headed out on a journey with no destination. When we started out I was trying to make up for lost time and past mistakes but came to realize I’m right where I need to be and surrounded with a band of brothers all greased up and gun’n for something more. Somewhere on the road and just past the growing pains comes ‘HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART’. For the boys and I this release is a symbolic thing in that we can see the horizon just a little bit clearer but we got so many more miles to go. What we realized in releasing this record is that there may never be a destination but we’re gonna keep on trucking and see what happens round the bend. — F. Scott and the Nighthawks

Please note this additional statement from the band:

If you can please support Jeff Saenz Recovery Project. Our very good friend, producer, musician, family man and studio partner (MODERN ELECTRIC SOUND RECORDERS) Mr. Jeff was injured in a tragic electrical accident – via our bandcamp we’ve released an EP of F. Scott tracks from the vault recorded with Mr. Jeff Saenz. All proceeds of this EP will be donated to the Jeff Saenz Recovery Project. We’ll also donate 1 dollar from the purchase of ‘HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART’ + match it – so 2 dollars from the purchase of HOTYH will be donated to Jeff Saenz Recovery Project for the rest of the year.https://www.jeffsaenzrecoveryproject.com/

Find more information on F. Scott and the Nighthawks music here: https://www.nighthawksofficial.com

Pre-order here: https://ffm.to/m2byyzm


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