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Video Premiere: Brielle Brown “She’s Come to Sing”

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Brielle Brown — “She’s Come to Sing”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Brielle Brown’s song “She’s Come to Sing” from her recently released EP The Well.  The EP was produced by Marc Swersky, engineered by Tony Black and Mike Rachlin with mastering by Leon Zervos. The album cover photo is courtesy of Maria Wurtz.

“She’s Come to Sing” is Brielle Brown (writer) on vocals, Marc Swersky on acoustic guitar,  Alan Markley on keyboards, Brian Gearty on bass, Vin Landolfi on guitar, Avishai Rozen on drums, Dave Eggar on cello, Todd Caldwell on organ and Christopher Gold on horns.

The video for “She’s Come to Sing” was produced and directed by Brielle Brown, with casting and choreography by Elysha Richman and cinematography by Kirby Sybert.  It was filmed at Project Dance Studio, Eatontown NJ. Actresses in the video are Jasmine Allen, Cameron Beattie, Brianna Gambino, Taia Kim, Abby Kielty, Isma Kielty, Julia “Jumo” Molinari, Kayla Robertini, Julia Szostek, and Niani Walker.

“Grace” is the first concept that comes to mind when you’re listening to Brielle Brown.  Watching this video full of grace and talent brings this point home.   Watch the video and enjoy the emotion-filled music and feel the hallelujah.

I am certain of nothing except that when everything goes and all is said and done, the only thing left, will be love. The source of the light and the frequencies that bind us all together—that’s the love I want to understand and art is how we get a little closer. I created the video for for “She’s Come To Sing” in conjunction with fellow artist and mother Elysha Richman, choreographer/owner of Project Dance Center in Eatontown NJ and with the wonderfully talented Kirby Sybert, cinematographer. Coming into this time of reflection and healing, I wanted to turn the spotlight over to the dancers in this video, who are between the ages of 13-21, and create something to inspire love through movement and to motivate other young people to keep spreading positivity and hopeful messages through their art. Finding people like Elysha and Kirby with shared philosophies on art, is really a beautiful thing. I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to direct these young artists and I’m so incredibly proud of what we’ve created together for this song. At its core, “She’s Come to Sing” is about redemption, connection and coming together for the sake of love. And that’s just what we did. — Brielle Brown


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