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Song Premiere: Amanda Cook “When You Come Back Down”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Amanda Cook’s interpretation of the song “When You Come Back Down,” written by Danny O’Keefe and Tim O’Brien and performed notably by Nickel Creek.  This song was part of Amanda Cook’s album Narrowing the Gap.  Narrowing the Gap was produced by Mark Hodges, Amanda Cook and Aaron Ramsey with assistance by Carolyne VanLierop-Boone; and recorded, mixed and mastered at Mountain Fever Studios in Willis, VA.

“When You Come Back Down” is Amanda Cook on lead vocals; Carolyne VanLierop-Boone on banjo and harmony vocals;  Aaron “Frosty” Foster on guitar; Josh Faul on bass and harmony vocals; George Mason on fiddle; Aaron Ramsey on mandolin; harmony vocals, guitar and bass; and Jeff Partin on dobro.

The video was produced by Cow Devil Creek Productions.  The crisp scenery of the video matches the crisp, bright instrumentation carrying this song by Amanda Cook.  Cook’s ability to emote deeply through her songs is extraordinary.

In the final stages of putting together ‘Narrowing the Gap’ we were looking for one final track to add to the album. I always loved the song “When You Come Back Down” by Nickel Creek. I took it to the band and explained the meaning this song had to me personally and how it needed to be on this album. “When You come back down” came out the year my oldest child was born and I listened to it many many times, putting the lyrics in perspective of the love and support I would give her growing up. Fast forward 20 years and we moved to Virginia and began the production of this album. During that time Olivia decided she was going to stay in our hometown and finish up college there. Within a 30 day window we purchased a home and moved, forcing my little bird from the nest in a time frame I thought to be much too fast. “When You Come Back Down” hit the nail on the head, I’m so very proud of the young woman she has become and the amazing things she has accomplished on her own, although through it all she knows I’ll be there if she ever falls and needs me to pick her back up. In the video you can see the honest to goodness tears on my face, it was one of the hardest videos for me to shoot because it was like I was telling our story in real time. — Amanda Cook


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