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Video Premiere: Molly Jenson “Goodbye”

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Americana Highways is posting this premiere of Molly Jenson’s song “Goodbye,” the title track from her forthcoming album due to be available Aug 20. On “Goodbye,” Molly Jenson sang all the vocals. Greg Laswell played all the instruments. The video was produced by Molly Jenson andTony Mancuso, and directed, filmed and edited by Tony Mancuso.

For a dive into the depths of vulnerability, try Molly Jenson’s “Goodbye.”  Life has far too many painful goodbyes, and this song and the accompanying video will grant you cathartic relief if you’re experiencing one now.  Shed some layers along with the performance.

“Goodbye” was the last song that Greg Laswell and I wrote for my album. We had planned on writing a duet but the day before I came into the studio, I found out my ex-husband’s partner was pregnant. We had tried for 3 years to get pregnant during our marriage, to no avail. Even though we had been divorced for 2 years, this felt like the final string that needed to break for me to truly let go and move on.

When I started thinking of ideas for the music video for “Goodbye,” I knew right away that I wanted it to be as vulnerable as the song. And few things are more vulnerable to me than taking off your clothes while staring into a camera. I also knew this would be one of the first music videos I’d be releasing and I haven’t released a video in 12 years so I wanted it to represent a starting over of sorts. I wanted it to seem like I’m shedding these old versions of myself that don’t suit me anymore and I’m moving forward fresh. It was filmed at my old house in Burbank, CA where I lived alone for the first time after my divorce. My friend Tony Mancuso filmed and directed it and helped me shape my idea so the video was the thoughtful piece it turned into and not just a video of me taking my clothes off while staring into the camera. — Molly Jenson

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