Video Premiere: Dean Owens “Land of the Hummingbird”

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Dean Owens Sand and Blood album cover

Americana Highways is pleased to host this premiere of Dean Owens’ song “Land of the Hummingbird” featuring Gaby Moreno and the Calexico band.  This song is a track on Dean Owens’ forthcoming album Sand and Blood (The Desert Trilogy EPs Vol 2) which features Calexico, and will be out May 7.  Sand and Blood was recorded at WaveLab Studios, Tucson AZ; and produced by Dean Owens.

“Land of the Hummingbird” is Dean Owens on vocals and nylon string guitar; Gaby Moreno on vocals; Joey Burns on upright bass; John Convertino on drums;  Sergio Mendoza on piano and percussion; and Naïm Amor on electric guitar.

The video’s production is courtesy of Ruth Barrie (Waltzer Films).  “In the land of the hummingbird, she was a raven.”  The song is a co-write with XIXA’s Gabriel Sullivan. From the blend of Dean Owens and Gaby Moreno’s vocal twining emerges a dark seductive melody with alluring innuendos.  And the sultry video captures the visual elements of the song’s intent so very well.

This song is a little work of fiction that I wrote long distance with Tucson native Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA/Giant Sand). I always heard it being sung in Spanish in my head, so it was amazing having Gaby (Moreno) actually sing in Spanish on the recording. She has such a beautiful voice. — Dean Owens

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