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Song Premiere: Sinner Friends “Miss the Mississippi and You”

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Sinner Friends

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Sinner Friends’ interpretation of Jimmie Rodgers’ song “Miss the Mississippi and You” from Sinner Friends’ album Miss You, due out on May 28.  Miss You was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jon Atkinson at Bigtone Records in Bristol, VA.

“Miss the Mississippi and You” is Conner Vlietstra on guitar and vocals; Grace van’t Hof on banjo and vocals; and Max Etling on bass.  With a grit and edginess that just feels wise and timeless, Sinner Friends offer serious old time music.

“Miss the Mississippi & You” has that timeless, wistful air to it that has made it one of the most long-standing favorites out of the songs sung by Country Music’s father figure, Jimmie Rodgers. It’s unique structure and haunting lyrics keep Bluegrass and Country musicians falling back in love with this old melody almost a hundred years later. Conner has been performing this song for years, and it’s lyrics mean a great deal to him and his native Mississippian family. The Mississippi Delta and it’s slow and homelike ways are represented with passion and longing in our newest single. We were privileged to be joined on this track but Max Etling on bass. -Sinner Friends

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