REVIEW: Evvan’s “Home” Has a Poetic Quality


Evvan is a folk artist from Long Island who is really just getting started in her career. Like a lot of artists, introspection led her to exploring her art further. The result of that introspection is her debut EP Home.
Of the EP, she said, “This project showcases what I’ve experienced firsthand and what I’ve witnessed through the eyes of others. For me, Home is only the beginning of fully exploring all that I am and all there is in the world.”

The EP begins with the beat of “Wolf.” From the opening beat, it builds to a layered melody that brings First Aid Kit to mind. The similarity is not only in the layered melody, but also in the rich harmony vocals. In the chorus, she poses the thought-provoking question “What will you do when the wolf comes out in you?”

“I’m Not Done Yet” comes across as a declaration. The bold declaration comes when she sings, “They say I’ve gotta prove it, and this I will.” Like her other songs, this one features a layered melody with a little bit of lonesome twang in the pedal steel. The biggest difference is that this one includes the spirit of an old Springsteen song where the narrator wants to break free and prove others wrong.

The strength of this EP is crafting of the songs. She may be a folk artist, but there is more to these songs than just a singer with an acoustic guitar. The melodies are strong, but they don’t overpower the vocals. Evvan has a way of making her vocals powerful even when the tone is subdued. Plus she has a way of choosing words that lends a poetic quality to the songs. The downside is that it’s only five songs. But then the job of an EP is to get the artist’s songs to the world and to leave the listener wanting more. Evvan has certainly accomplished that mission. You’ll likely want to hear more of her songs after this impressive debut. Home will be available everywhere on April 30. Order your copy here.

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