REVIEW: Crownover’s New Album is Raw Nostalgia


Crownover – Another Day in Our 20s

If you don’t know him from his self-proclaimed #1 Podcast show “Keekers and Ferg #1 Podcast,” or his work as Tyler Childers’ tour manager, then I’m happy to introduce Kyle Crownover, front man to the band Crownover to you. The first time I heard about Kyle was on Twitter where he tweeted “Hey girl, wanna drive down the 1 back road in Madison and crank up the radio and listen to mostly Morgan & Morgan, car dealership, and cash for gold ads with a few… songs sprinkled in occasionally?” I laughed so hard I knew I had to give him a follow. This guy gets it.

Since then, we’ve been in Twitter feuds over the best Jolly Rancher flavor, who really has the number one podcast (I’m still hedging my bets on Americana Station), and which Sturgill Simpson album is the best album. When he’s not tour managing or making the #1 Podcast, he also takes time to produce albums like Zach Russell’s newest EP The Creek, which came out this past month. This guy really can do it all. I make these points to simply say despite all these talents, his new EP still might be his finest accomplishment to date.

Another Day in Our 20s has the raw nostalgia of the early 00’s Emo mixed with a modern Country flare that would make even the saddest bastard finally feel understood. It brings me back to my early 20s laying on my bedroom floor and pondering life as I listen to The Swiss Army Romance once again on repeat. If pressed, the closest comparison I can draw to Crownover would be Ruston Kelly. “One day you’re young and wanna grow up so bad then you grow up and just wanna go back,” Crownover ponders in his stand out track “The Coming of Age.”

The title track really drives home the conflict of leaving your 20s behind and entering a new chapter of life. Being poor and hoping not to miss the chance to find success. Having friends find love while you’re still finding meaning.The beauty of the track is the subtle implication he draws is that you should slow down and savor the moment before it passes you by.

Self-Produced and recorded at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, Another Day in Our 20s was engineered and mixed by Robbie Artress and mastered by John Naclerio. The band consists of bassist Chas Covington, drummer Aksel Coe, electric guitarist Matt Helkamp and Kyle Crownover on guitar and vocals. With their latest release, Crownover has put together a catchy and melodic four song EP that will scratch an itch for all the sad boys and girls.

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