REVIEW: Run Katie Run “Running On Love” Draws From Varied Wells


Run Katie Run – Running On Love

This Atlanta-based quintet draws from varied wells of music & admirably. The lead-off energetic commercial track “15-Minutes” is actually lifted from a comment made by artist Andy Warhol that alleges everyone will be famous for 15-minutes. Musically, this is a modern-day approach that is marginally rooted in Americana, blues, or roots music. It has those elements but it’s far heavier ingredient-wise with pure mainstream pop. While the melody & arrangement is solidly in that pop oeuvre & they do it with expertise the song itself hits the mainstream target.

You’ll be singing it to yourself all day. It will appeal to many ears but not necessarily traditionalists or purists. So what?

“No Way Out,” showcases a durable singer in Kate Coleman (acoustic/rhythm guitarist/producer). She has pipes but at times a tinge of juvenility in the tone. If Kate listened a little more to the blues (Janis Joplin, Candy Givens, Genya Ravan, Tracy Nelson) she may pick up on vocal strength applied with lift & authenticity.

There’s plenty of power & volume. Running On Love (Independent-Drops April 16) exemplifies her ability to be an excellent Broadway, stage & theater singer since she has a consistently strong quality. She’s closer to an Annie Golden & Liza Minnelli in how she projects. Many instantly compare female vocalists like Kate to Janis Joplin. They’d be wrong. Kate doesn’t have the grit, growl, or phrasing of a blues singer like that. She’s too smooth.

The songs here are durable. “Stolen Time,” has exhilaration. The band is suited to the music & adds expert touches. The conclusion of this song proves her place on the musical stage. While the production is impressive on “Kinda Hoping,” & Kate is superb her power lacks vocal authority (read: Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, Jim Morrison, Karen Lawrence (vocalist with 1994 & Blue by Nature). The inflection, intonation, phrasing is not quite there (yet). She doesn’t emphasize the right lyrics just powers through short of showboating. This can be corrected. Kate needs better pacing, block out lyrics, underline keywords to which higher notes are assigned for emphasis.

A listen to Tracy Nelson’s “I Need Your Love So Bad,” from her Mother Earth LP would help. Kate holds her notes wonderfully but always just a hair from bombastic. She has incisive sweet power but too much icing on her cake.

The band: Corey Coleman (guitar), Adam Pendlington (guitar/banjo), Stephen Quinn (bass) & Ian Pendlington (drums).

Cut 6 closes with vocals weighed down by a juvenile tone that sneaks in on high notes. The song & performance — all good. Pacing is delivered with swabs of pomposity. Retool it. The CD has merit. It’s enjoyable. Make it memorable.

Kate is an excellent vocalist with a tight band. Just a few things need a tweak. The 24-minute EP is available @ Amazon. Website:

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