Song Premiere: Casey Noel “Page 52”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Casey Noel’s new song “Page 52.” Written and co-produced by Noel, “Page 52” was recorded at ElectroMagnetic Radiation Recorders in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with Doug Williams.

Noel’s writing captures the intimate experience of intersecting wavelengths that often diverge in relationships; a blunt statement that if we’re knowingly not going to be on the same page, then please spare me the heartache of falling in love to only have to fall out of it. Music is a powerful medium to convey messages and “Page 52” will resonate with listeners, for the song empathically touches on a sensation that is unequivocally human and universally felt.

This song was inspired from my own experiences with heartbreak and my frustrations with past relationships. I’ve always been and believed in being super upfront with people about my intentions, and I’ve had experiences where I’ve been convinced that the person I’m with is on the same page with me, only to have the rug pulled out from underneath me. I truly believe it’s the worst feeling in the world to realize the person you’re with is not as invested as you are in the relationship, especially when they’ve led you to believe that they were. I think we live in a world that waters down the meaning of love and I wanted to write about it from my viewpoint and past experiences in the hopes that others can relate and not feel alone in their own experiences. – Casey Noel

“Page 52” features Mipso’s Libby Rodenbough on fiddle and Dave Willis on electric guitar, which coupled with Noel’s raspy vocals and her own acoustic guitar finger-picking brings the tune beautifully to life. The song was mastered at Kitchen Mastering in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is now available wherever you stream your digital music.

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