Shay Martin Lovette Announces New Album Produced by Joseph Terrell of Mipso

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Shay Martin Lovett’s song “Never Felt So New,” from his forthcoming album Scatter & Gather, due to be available on May 14.  Scatter & Gather was produced by Joseph Terrell of Mipso; engineered by Joseph Terrell and Saman Khoujinian and mixed by Mark Goodell with additional engineering by Ryan Johnson, Chris Boerner, Sam Amos, and Mark Goodell. They recorded at the Rubber Room in Chapel Hill, NC.  Mastering was courtesy of Chris Boerner at The Kitchen.

“Never Felt So New” is Shay Martin Lovette on vocals and acoustic guitar; Joseph Terrell on acoustic guitar; Chessa Rich on harmony vocals; Charles Cleaver on prepared piano; Joe MacPhail on synthesizer and Hammond organ; Yan Westerlund on drums; and Casey Toll on upright bass.

Sometimes the gentle approach hits your heart the hardest, and Shay Martin Lovette understands this instinctively.  You’ll be drawn all the way in without quite seeing it coming.  And of course killer production by Joseph Terrell puts it over the top. 

“Never Felt So New” is a song about someone who has finally found the truth that they have been seeking and this has led to an inner awakening and a greater sense of self. Bearing witness to this, the narrator is also deeply affected and experiences a similar shift in world and life perspective. This song embraces optimism and goodwill towards others in times of adversity and a live-for-the-moment attitude: “This life’s a game of chance, a hopeful draw.” When writing this song, I wanted to provide just enough detail for listeners to recognize that a sort of enlightenment was taking place while leaving enough room for them to make their own choices about what has taken place between the characters. — Shay Martin Lovette

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