Video Premiere: Ted Russell Kamp “My Girl Now”

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this video premiere of Ted Russell Kamp’s song “My Girl Now” from his forthcoming album.  The album was produced by Ted Russell Kamp, and mixed by Ted and Mark Rains.

“My Girl Now” was co-written by Kamp with Micky Braun of Micky and the Motorcars and with Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly.

On the song, everything was played by Ted Russell Kamp: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, bouzouki, Hammond organ, kick drum, and shaker.

The video was created by Deb Morrison-Littell and Nic Capella.  The poignancy comes through with passion on Ted Russell Kamp’s latest.


I wrote this one with Micky Braun of the Texas band, Micky and the Motorcars. We both were (and still are) juggling a music career while being in great long term relationships. We wanted to write a classic love song about wanting to be good to the women we loved and wanting them to be as proud of the relationship as we were.

Shortly after we wrote it, Micky and his band recorded it and put it on their album Hearts From Above that came out a few years ago (I believe in 2015).

This is one of the only older songs of mine on this record. As I was writing new songs and thinking about this album, this song came back to me. I always loved the melody and the sentiment and thought it would work great in this group of songs with an almost Traveling Wilburys meets the Indigo Girls acoustic folk / rock song.

This is record deals with the isolation me and many of us have felt this last year so there are more than a few sadder and more introspective acoustic songs on it. I wanted to have some songs of hope and inspiration on the record as well because we are all finding ways to pull through – and reviving this one was a great way to add a feel good song about connection. — Ted Russell Kamp


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