Song Premiere: A.M. Rodriguez “Laurie of the Great White North”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of A.M. Rodriguez’ song “Laurie of the Great White North,”  written, arranged, performed, engineered, mixed, and mastered by A.M. Rodriguez. It is part of a larger project due out later this year.

“Laurie of the Great White North” is a lonesome lullaby.

A hybrid studio/field recording, “Laurie of the Great White North” is the inaugural release from my 2021 recording project, a 9-song set of singles co-released, monthly, as video productions, and to be compiled into an eventual LP.

Each song begins in the studio with me taking on rhythm section and arrangement duties. From there the production ventures out onto the family farm where I make use of the natural scenery and soundscapes to perform the vocals and additional guitars while capturing the final audio and video simultaneously.

Set to be released early each month to take advantage of Bandcamp’s generous First Friday promotions, this innovative release cycle will help hedge my bets as the volatile return to independent live music gets worked out, one gig at a time in 2021. — A. M. Rodriguez


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