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Video Premiere: Dulcie Taylor “Woman I Used to Be”

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photo by Trevor Lawrence

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Dulcie Taylor’s song “Woman I Used to Be” from her forthcoming EP Rediscovered, out via Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings on March 12. This remixed, remastered, and occasionally new recording of songs spanning Dulcie’s 20-year career on the label was co-produced with George Nauful.

“Woman I Used To Be,” written by Dulcie Taylor, is Dulcie (lead vocal, hollow-body electric guitar, background vocals), Duke Levine  (electric lead guitar, lap steel), John Landau (background vocals), Richard Gates (bass), and Lorne Entress (drums).

This song was originally recorded in March, 2004, on Dulcie’s Mirrors and Windows album.  With a degree of foreboding darkness, Dulcie Taylor delivers a thorough soul-searching to bring back a lighter version of a previous self on this. And you might say this song encapsulates the entire EP — a reflective journey and a re-visioning of Dulcie Taylor’s earlier songs.

“Woman I Used to Be” is sung from the viewpoint of a woman who’s feeling like she ‘used to be’ more forgiving, saw (and could laugh at) the absurdities of life, and most importantly, ‘knew just what to believe.’ She wants to find that woman again – ‘I’m looking for the woman I used to be.’ The video is shot in the gorgeous out-of-doors in the Central Coast of California. The woods and the ocean, though constantly changing, are a lasting backdrop for the life searches we all go through.  — Dulcie Taylor


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