Lyric Video Premiere: Bob Malone “My Friends and I”

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Americana Highways presents this lyric video premiere of Bob Malone’s song “My Friends and I,” a song from Bob Malone’s forthcoming album Good People, produced by Bob Demarco and due to be available on May 21.  This song will be available along with album pre-orders on Feb 26. There will be a livestream show of “My Friends & I” on StageIt on  2/26 at 6pm Pacific, here:

“My Friends and I” is Bob Malone on piano, organ, and vocals; with L. B. Seetal, Celeste Butler, Karen Nash, and Trysette on backing vocals.  The video is by ViewManiac.  Bob Malone has made a career with his fingers playing the emotions on the keys; and you can hear his mastery of the instrument in this.  Harnessing all the crescendos and dynamism a piano can provide, populated with powerful vocals, Bob Malone reaches a pinnacle of soaring emotional heights.  Give it a listen.  

Loss is all around us these days, and it never gets any easier to say goodbye. This is a song for friends who’ve made it through, and friends who haven’t. “Old lovers, pets, and relatives, they’re lining up to say goodbye.” — Bob Malone


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