Song Premiere: Josephine Johnson “Feather Song”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Josephine Johnson’s song “Feather Song” from her forthcoming album due out in April.  “Feather Song” will be available on Feb 19. The song was recorded in Andrew Sovine’s home studio, Savannah, GA; mixed and mastered by Mike Kapitan

Musicians on the track are Josephine Johnson, Andrew Sovine, and Rob Heath.  The wonders of nature come alive in Josephine Johnson’s latest song creation.  You can imagine the splendor.

I wrote “Feather Song” a couple years back working on a farm in Humboldt County in Northern California. (Yeah, the Emerald Triangle, it was that kind of farm.) There were only three of us on the mountain, and it was my turn to stay while the others went into town for a day off. The property was bound in part by cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. That evening I went to the edge to watch the sunset. It was glorious–to this day one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced– sun sliding into the waves some 1500 feet below and lighting up low-slung clouds in purple, pinks and oranges. Beside me strategically tucked in the bark of the Doug Fir was a pattern of Steller’s jay feathers in the shape of a heart. Feathers, setting sun, ocean–all I could think was how I was the only one to see this incredible beauty. I wanted to share it! And so, I wrote “Feather Song” so others could see. — Josephine Johnson

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