Video Premiere: Anna Elizabeth Laube “Jardim da Estrela”

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Americana Highways hereby shares this lyric video premiere of Anna Elizabeth Laube’s song “Jardim da Estrela,” from her forthcoming album Annamania, due on January 22.  The album was produced with vocal mixing by Anna Elizabeth Laube, guitar and accordion mixing by Michael Brauer. It was mastered by Jett Galindo.  “Jardim da Estrela” is Anna Elizabeth Laube on electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, and songwriting, with Chris Joyner on accordion.

In an enchanting song about the wonders and raw humanity that can happen while traveling, Anna Elizabeth Laube showcases her songwriting sincerity.  She writes a love song that’s so much more than surface.

I wrote (and recorded most of) “Jardim da Estrela” during my first stint in Lisbon, Portugal; I find a lot of magic in this town and it’s almost too good to be true that there is an actual city park called “Jardim da Estrela,” Garden of the Star. It’s a love song about healing and feeling your actual feelings and being real, and the kind of instant connections that we are sometimes lucky to make with people where it feels like we may have known them in other lifetimes. I adore the accordion part added by Chris Joyner (Amos Lee, Heart, Ray Lamontagne). — Anna Laube




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