Song Premiere: Adam Klein “Take It (On Faith)”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Adam Klein’s song “Take It (On Faith)” from his forthcoming EP due out next week: Little Tiger: Outtakes from Low Flyin’ Planes. The EP was recorded at Dial Back Sound (Water Valley, Mississippi); engineered, produced, mixed & mastered by Bronson Tew, with additional recording, mixing and mastering by Bronson Tew at Sleepers Mountain (Portland, Oregon). The cover art photograph was by Jeff Shipman ( with art layout and design by Jason Harwell.

“Take It (On Faith)” is Adam Klein on acoustic guitar and vocals; Eric Carlton on piano; Crash Cason on electric guitar; Matt Patton on bass and Bronson Tew on drums, electric guitar, and harmony vocals.

 With fluid grooves and probative songwriting, Adam Klein’s new EP Little Tiger is a premium choice to start off the year. Dial Back Sound has been turning out some great ones lately, and this one is no exception. Press play and see.

I wrote this a couple weeks before going into the studio to record Low Flyin’ Planes. Just a straightforward, fun little tune. I seem to remember we only played it twice, and we used the first take. I don’t think we really discussed anything about it. I probably just strummed the chords once or twice and then we went for it. My longtime collaborator and friend, Bronson Tew, who recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album, felt like it didn’t really fit with the other songs on the album, and it ultimately didn’t make the cut. It’s also a pretty long one since we stretch out a bit on it. But Bronson later added some auxiliary guitar, harmony vocals, remixed and mastered it, and just worked his magic, and it’s a cool, loose ride with some funky interplay in the rhythm section of Bronson on drums and Matt Patton on bass. So I think having it close out this 3-song EP is a good place for it.

The lyrics are both playful and somewhat heady, asking some serious, reflective questions about myself and society. Am I (or we) growing? Are we achieving self-actualization? Are we “at home,” and if not, where and what is home? The song was written a good bit before the 2016 election, but has an awareness of the hatred and strife permeating our society. One can search for such themes in the song or, with the relaxed, passive attitude of some of the stanzas, just crank it up and rock a bit. That alone could bring some lightness and hope.

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