REVIEW: Mike Felten’s “Fast Mikey Blue Eyes” is Solid Bluesy Walk Through the Dark


In case you missed it, Mike Felten’s release in October 2020, Fast Mikey Blue Eyes (Landfill Records), is a bluesy treat.  The album was recorded mixed and mastered by Victor Sanders.  Musicians on the enterprise are Mike Felten on vocals and guitar; Pete Mazzeri on bass; Gary Landess and Brad Elvis on drums; Corky Siegel and Harmonica Hinds on harmonicas; and Barry Goldberg, Jamie Wagner, and Bob Long on keys.

The band uses harmonica in just the right way to accent the music throughout this album, with rollicking keys and a bright guitar.  The record begins with an air of celebration, but don’t be lulled; it quickly pulls you into some of the darker alleys of the human soul.

“3 Drinks In” will remind you of the parties and celebrations on your horizon.  Lines in the song will catch your attention, like “I better do some thinking’.”  Then “Detroit Woman” brings you down to the woes of a long distance relationship, with his Detroit Woman five long hours away.  “Dead Old Girlfriend” is a tongue in cheek number about the past that never quite goes away.  “A Girl Walks Into A Bar” invites you into a dive bar scene with all-too-familiar sketchy characters.

“See That My Grave is Kept Clean” is a bit darker than some of the other songs, touching on mortality and the human need to be remembered.   “Chasing A Rumor” continues the walk on the darker side with imagery of the character hunting down a double-crosser.

“Homan Avenue” spins tales of historically infamous criminal bad apples of the Chicago police department.   “Y’All Are Guilty” echoes the feel with its similar lyrical dimension, addressing contemporary injustices.  And “Godzilla” brings the dark side to the personal in its chronicle of depression.

Mike Felten writes sauntery, swaggery, lighthearted blues as he pulls you all the way down a dark lyrical alley.  Fast Mikey Blue Eyes is available right this way:


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