REVIEW: Steve Bonham’s lively EP “Out of the Darkness” Proves the Link Between Americana and Anglo Musical Sentiments


Steve Bonham and the Long Road’s new EP Out of the Darkness is a mighty 4-songs released in October. The EP delivers celebratory high vocals, swift guitar work and up-tempo piano, all wrapped up in a folk music package with ribbons of British influences.

The tracks are performed by Steve Bonham and The Long Road. The EP was recorded at Woodworm Studios in Oxfordshire, England; arranged by The Long Road (Kev Moore, Chris Lydon and Steve Bonham); produced and mixed by The Long Road and Stuart Jones; and engineered by Stuart Jones.

The band for the EP was Steve Bonham on guitar and National Steel and vocals; Kev Moore on bass, lead guitar, drums, percussion, and vocals; and Chris Lydon on piano, Hammond, tuba, and vocals.

“On a Bridge Across the River,” has the kind of celebratory pace that comes from the spirit of the riverboat. This song was born to be an automatic road trip song, or the backdrop for your next big, open, party.

“If There’s a God Out Here” carries the baton of uptempo mirth as Bonham sings “if there’s a god out here he threw the fight, closed the door, turned out the light.” With an element of classic British rock harmonies, this one accesses our collective unconscious, with a truly triumphant arrangement.

“Do You?” brings things back down a bit with a more shuffly beat, again framed with rich harmonies.

“Waiting On A Storm” rounds out the project with an optimistic swagger and catchy refrain.

This album proves the fundamental link between Americana and Anglo musical sentiments. Find more about the album and the many hats of Steve Bonham, here:


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