Video Premiere: Ed Roman “Tomorrow is Today”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Ed Roman’s song “Tomorrow is Today.”  This song is from of Roman’s forthcoming album A Recipe For Perpetual Spring, which was recorded at Area 51 in Melanchthon, Ontario; mixed and mastered at The Radio Room in Barrie, Ontario by Michael Jack; with PR by Michael Stover of MTS Management.

“Tomorrow Is Today” is Ed Roman (composer) on electric bass, lead vocals, and electric guitars; Tobias Tinker on synthesizer; Dave Patel on acoustic drums; and Michael Jack on backing vocals, loops, programming and guitar.

The video was produced by Ed Roman, with camera and cinematography by Jason Yarwood and Ed Roman, drone pilotry by Sheldon Street, and it was edited by Ed Roman.  Ed Roman’s intent is to inspire you by blending truth with rock ‘n roll, and he really hits the bulls-eye on this one.  

“Tomorrow Is Today” is from the new album “A Recipe For Perpetual Spring. We have come to rely too heavily on the system not only for our protection but our moral direction and social salvation. What we don’t realize is that we are the system. Each one of us in our own individual beauty and jagged complexity. Pay no attention to the happy people with dogs and balloons on social media platforms behind the curtain. Everyday we pump our emotional limbic system into the digital ether in hopes for acceptance and approval. Everything all at once shown and hidden. What I have come to understand after 50 years of spinning around this star is the things we create in our living environment every day are the most important of all. They are the things that promote mental and emotional stamina. They have tenure and longevity in your living experience.

We are but yet children in this galactic system. Galactic children with our heads in our asses thinking that we are the quintessential carbon unit. We couldn’t be further from the truth. We still have billions of miles yet to travel in our development before we can truly understand our place in the cosmos. The most important thing is we act every day on our thoughts and our feelings. Struggle and learn from the creative process of failure. Spend less of your time with your head in your hand, phone in your face and look forward to the horizon where every day new opportunity lies in wait. “Tomorrow Is Today” is the reflection of “act now” in the living moment. Your opportunity is already here, there’s no point in waiting for tomorrow.. The planet is gonna keep on spinning whether were here or not. — Ed Roman

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