Video Premiere: Rebecca Loebe’s Podcast “My First Tour!”

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Allow Americana Highways to introduce and episode of Rebecca Loebe’s podcast series on YouTube, Loebehind the Scenes: “My First Tour.” She interviewed musicians to see how prepared they were, or unprepared, when they first started touring!   This is her second episode on that question.  Watch responses from Korby Lenker | Grace Pettis | Findlay Napier | Steve Poltz | Wild Ponies | John Elliott | Raina Rose | Dan Navarro | and Ellis Paul | !   Subscribe and follow the series so you don’t miss the next one.  

I’ve been interviewing some of my absolute favorite musicians for months now for my new Youtube series about what goes on behind-the-scenes in the lives of hardworking independent musicians. The first thing I ask is for everyone to tell me about their first tour. The answers I’ve been getting are amazing, surprising, and incredibly varied! Some of my friends went on big, pro, fancy first tours, while others had the “kamikaze disaster” first tour experience. Everyone got a little nostalgic talking about it, which is what made this episode so much fun to put together. I definitely learned from everyone I talked to and I’m excited to share it all in this video.  — Rebecca Loebe


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