Video Premiere: P.J. O’Connor “Wolf Den”

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Americana Highways gives you this video premiere of P.J. O’Connor’s song “Wolf Den” from his forthcoming release Television’s Golden Age, due out on November 12. The album was produced and recorded by Vic Thrill at The Vivarium; mixed by Jonny Taylor at Beacon AV Lab; and mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.

“Wolf Den” is P.J. O’Connor on acoustic guitar and percussion; Parker Kindred on drums; Mark Wike on bass; Billy Ryan and Anthony Rizzo on guitars; and Brendan Ryan on keyboards.

The video was directed and edited by Chris Cassidy, with additional footage by P.J. O’Connor and Cheyenne Boscoe.  With irresistible footage of NYC’s Washington Square Park, this bluesy rock number is a keeper. P.J. O’Connor does that thrilling thing songwriters do when they deliver life’s unpleasantries wrapped in a lively musical package.  His album will be well worth your time.  

“Wolf Den” is one of the first songs written on the album. I think it came from a place not far from T. Rex or even “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” by The Hollies which was a song I loved as a very young child. It’s a blues-based guitar riff. Slow-churning blues is not a style I felt comfortable trying to pull it off, so I pushed the tempo and gave it a shuffle groove to give the song some pep and danceability. I felt this was essential because the lyric comes from a dark place and I’m often attracted to the results when a dark lyric meets music beaming with life. Conversely, I wanted the video to be a reflection of joy. We filmed it in Washington Square Park (New York), a place I am lucky to call my backyard and the participants were basically my neighbors: Hare Krishnas, drag queens, families, and of course – chess fanatics! All dancing in the sun and obeying Covid protocols, but still living life – an expression of the vibrancy in Greenwich Village. — P.J. O’Connor

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