Video Premiere: Doug Schmude “Mileposts in the Rearview”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Doug Schmude’s song “Mileposts in the Rearview,” from his forthcoming album.  was produced by Doug Schmude.  “Mileposts in the Rearview” is Doug Schmude on acoustic and electric guitars, bass and vocals; and Brandon Allen on drums.

The video was produced by Doug Schmude and Abby Schmude. With great old country footage, Schmude reminds us that there’s no cure for your troubles like highway miles.  Nod along with Doug Schmude on your next roadtrip, and in the meantime, just enjoy it as you reminisce about your last few highway miles.  

I wrote this song on a road trip across the Western US last year. Driving is a great time to clear your mind and think; and
in my case toss lyrics and melodies around in my head. With the pandemic, most of us have not been able to travel like
we’d prefer. This is minor of course, compared to the many serious effects of COVID and the associated lockdown. But
here’s hoping this song can provide a little highway mile therapy. — Doug Schmude



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