Video Premiere: John Henry “Morning Birds”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of John Henry’s song “Morning Birds” from his recent release Out at Sea.  Out at Sea was released October 2, and was produced by Ben Majchrzak and John Henry, with production assistance by Tony Barbata, Kevin Bachmann and Bryan Hoskins.

The album is John Henry on vocals and guitars; Tony Barbata on drums; Bryan Hoskins on backing vocals; Jake Elking on keyboards; John Horton on lead guitar; Kevin Bachmann on bass. The album also features the  Funky Butt Horns: Aaron Chandler on trombone, Adam Hucke on trumpet, and Bryan Fritz on saxophone; and on strings: Melissa Hayes on violin, Sam Golden on viola, and Rayna Iqbal on cello. The string arrangement is by Sam Golden

On this video, “Morning Birds” is John Henry on vocals and guitar, with Rayna Iqbal on cello.  The video was produced by Tim Gebauer at Electropolis.  John Henry’s playing has a magnetic fluidity, and his songs follow suit.  “Morning Birds” is no exception.  As anyone who has a child knows, the child’s power to save you is infinite. Give it a listen. 

I wrote this song from the perspective of someone at the end of their rope, somewhere between the night time and morning. I was looking at my baby son sleeping one night and thought that no matter what struggles I was having, being there to love and protect him was the most important thing in my life. The song reflects the idea that if you can make it to the next day there is always a chance life will be better. — John Henry

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