Video Premiere: Felix Hatfield “False God”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of the title track from Felix Hatfield’s forthcoming album False God.  “False God” is Felix Hatfield on guitar and vocals; Dave Kelsay on drums; Nate Lumbard on bass, saxophones, and electric guitar; with background vocals by Felix Hatfield, Kendall Core, and Susanna Low-Beer.

The video was directed and edited by Felix Hatfield, with public domain footage and  some clips taken by Karla Mi Lugo. In this contemporary backdrop, the eclectic work of Felix Hatfield, man of many names, comes vividly alive. Our false gods are looking a little forlorn,  it’s true. Hatfield’s music is very eclectic commentary on where we are right now. 

Who’s like me? Anybody like me? Who grew up on fried baloney? Who’s like me? Anybody like me? Being different sure gets lonely. I have been in the newspaper eight times all under different names. No, I’m not an outlaw on the run, just a Namesmith, but that’s another song. One of the articles I still have a copy of was of the first time I was featured, when I was called “Max Dorr” (as in Maximum Doorway), when I rebelled on my first day of school. I took one look in the classroom full of kids and a teacher in the doorway offering me a giant letter M character with a head on it and I wasn’t having it. I threw a tantrum in the hall where a bored reporter, I guess, was hanging out. I calmed down and when they weren’t looking I bolted out the doors and across the field. Mother with Baby Sis in arms, Teacher, and Reporter all in tow. It’s crystal clear now that I knew they were putting me in a box.

I went to 7 or 8 different schools which was helpful in learning about people. I skipped my High School graduation to go to a Grateful Dead show as a final F-you. I had already discovered the medium of folk song through Bob, then Woody, and Pete who I saw and met along with Jack. I knew what I wanted to be able to do and set out to begin my self-education on the shoulders of some solid men I was thankful to discover at age 17. The second time in the paper was around that time. A picture of me as “Oliver Yaxs” with a green beard, painting a watercolor portrait while standing with materials in arm in front of a band at a Vermont Reggae Festival. The third time was as “Max Twist” when I snuck into the second Woodstock and talked to a reporter during the chaos. The fourth was as “Felix Butterscotch.” The fifth on the cover of Seattle Times as “Bob Scarecrow.” I have a name tree of all my names. The point? It’s okay to think outside the box. I built some robots out of junk. Come talk to them about how to create your own fun and carve out your own world.

This song says, “Don’t conform. Beware and be aware. Color outside the lines, join the boredom patrol, listen to that voice and trust those visions.”— Felix Hatfield


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