Song Premiere: The Dustbowl Daddies “O Little Fire, O Little Light of Wisdom”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of the Dustbowl Daddies’ song “O Little Fire, O Little Light of Wisdom, available on Oct 8th. “O Little Fire, O Little Light Wisdom” is from the band’s upcoming album Boom and Bust Economies of Love. The song was written by Paul Tyler, and recorded live at Little Bullhorn studio in Ottawa, Ontario; mixed, mastered and produced by Dave Draves, and co-produced with Paul Tyler and Paul Saurette.

“O Little Fire, O Little Light of Wisdom” is Paul Tyler on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Paul Saurette on backup vocals, trumpet and electric guitar; Rob Sparling on harp, banjo Nord keyboard and backup vocals; Mat Paterson on lead electric guitar; Kevin Grignon on bass; Lee Jacobs on cajon; and Chris Leite on drums.  A down-home feel marks this ode to parenthood by the Dustbowl Daddies. 

The motivation for this song is pretty simple: it was written for and about my son and daughter, twins, and I composed it shortly after they were born. It expresses the overwhelming joy and fear a parent feels. Their names literally mean “Little fire” and “Wisdom.” Knowing the song would be scrutinized by them when they’re older, I had to careful to balance the verses, to give them equal press, and still have the song reflect their different personalities—which were already so obvious to me from the day they were born. Currently, they never want to hear the song, and tell me stop it and plug their ears whenever I play it for them on my guitar. One day maybe they’ll like listening to it, but I doubt it. They’ll probably always find it embarrassing as hell — which is fine — I would have as well. Unless maybe they have kids of their own one day. Then they’ll get it. — Paul Tyler


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