Video Premiere: Bart Ryan “Walk Away”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Bart Ryan’s song “Walk Away,” from his album Starlight and Tall Tales, due out on September 18.  Starlight and Tall Tales was produced by Bart Ryan; mixed and co-produced by Preston Tate White; and mastered by Cameron Henry.

“Walk Away” is Bart Ryan on vocals, guitar and lap steel; Jim Evans on drums; Ted Russell Kamp on bass; and Aubrey Richmond on violin. The video was shot and edited by Bob Tigert. With guitar tones that echo the strong lead of the lap steel, Bart Ryan’s music combines nostalgia with the will to fight back on this one. Lovely and powerful blend seamlessly.

“Walk Away” started with me picking up my acoustic and stumbling into this chord progression. I have a lot of progressions and riffs and melodies run through my head and my fingers… This one wouldn’t leave me alone. The lyrics came together quickly, I just sort of found them lying in the corner and they seemed to fit the mood just right.

Jim Evans was on drums and Ted Russell Kamp was on bass. They locked up beautifully and put a great groove down, which is unavoidable with them. This song gave me a chance to use my new Collings acoustic and it recorded beautifully. I also played a 70’s Rickenbacker lap steel and that sound just worked. That violin at the end everyone likes so much is Aubrey Richmond.

Bob Tigert did the video, and we were on a really tight schedule. We came up with a concept, found some cool locations and Bob did a bunch of beautiful camera work. He edited the whole thing together in a flurry of 10 hour days and… Bam. Another guy was going to produce the video and he pulled out 4 days before shooting was supposed to start. There were serious deadlines in conjunction with the album release. It was time to get nervous. Bob stepped in like a champion. In the end It all worked out, a minor miracle…  — Bart Ryan

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