Video Premiere: Rachael Sage “Blue Sky Days”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Rachael Sage’s song “Blue Sky Days” from her recently released album Character (Acoustic).  Character (Acoustic) was produced by Rachael Sage and Andy Zulla, engineered by Mikhail Pivovarov and Andy Zulla; mastered by Alan Silverman and recorded at The Carriage House, CT and Mishugas Studios in NYC. “Blue Sky Days” is Rachael Sage on piano, vocals and acoustic guitar; Andy Mac and Doug Yowell on percussion; and Kelly Halloran on violin.

The song is crisp and intentional.  The video’s setting is within a pristine, aesthetically compelling wooden room.  Let Rachael Sage carry your emotions in her precise and deliberately hopeful music.

I originally wrote the song ‘Blue Sky Days’ while I was recovering from a year of treatment and recovery from a uterine cancer. During this time I barely sang or even played an instrument; I was just focused 100% on being the best patient I could possibly be, and concentrating on my health – both physically and mentally. Inevitably, there were times when I felt overwhelmed and even a touch hopeless, especially when I felt like loved-ones may not have understood the boundaries I needed to focus on my well-being. But in general, I was flooded with a perpetual awareness of just how much I had to be grateful for – from my loving family to my beloved friends and of course, my incredible doctors and nurses. In particular, much of my ability to maintain this positive awareness was due to a meditation app I used called ‘Headspace’, which enlists the imagery of clouds eventually always clearing to reveal the perpetually blue sky, as a metaphor for temporary anxiety. This was the image that inspired ‘Blue Sky Days’, and I like to hope now that the song can serve as a reminder to appreciate what is most precious in our lives, whatever literal or metaphorical storms we may be weathering. — Rachael Sage

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