Song Premiere: John Shipe “Love Ain’t Easy”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of John Shipe’s song “Love Ain’t Easy” from his forthcoming album The Beast Is Back, out September 25th, produced by Tyler Fortier.

“Love Ain’t Easy” is John Shipe on vocals and guitar; Halie Loren on vocals; Bryan Daste on pedal steel; Mike Walker on organ; Jerry Abelin on bass; and Jeramy Burchett on drums.

John Shipe has crafted a durable honest love song about the longevity some relationships are lucky enough to attain.  Let it comfort you.

I think of this as a love song for grown-ups.  I felt the need to capture that intense passion and urgency usually reserved for songs about falling into new love, but in the context of hard-won unity over a flawed-yet-durable romance that has been through hell-and-back.  I wanted to underscore how the struggle to stick it out makes you a better individual.  (That’s what happened to me, anyway.)

While the decision to release a love song seems inapt during our current time of social unrest and fear, a song about this kind of relentless love feels more relevant than ever.  I have plenty of socio-political songs, but this kind of personal, raw vulnerability is where I live. — John Shipe

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