Wasteland Bait & Tackle: the Dead

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So now the President wants a “National Heroes Garden” eh? I guess he’s been studying fascist dictators again, has moved on from Mussolini, and discovered Francisco Franco’s “Valle de los Caidos” up the hill from Madrid, The Valley of the Fallen, which Franco billed as a national act of reconciliation after the Spanish Civil War, supposedly a monument to the fallen on both sides, but really a monument to Franco himself. No doubt the President is perusing a list of bronze sculptors who might produce his orange likeness to be placed in the garden. I would suggest Terry Allen of Santa Fe. Terry would have such fun with Trump. Check out Terry’s “Corporate Head” online and just imagine.

The President seems to care a lot about the dead. He doesn’t seem to care much about the living, or the currently dying, unless they constitute MAGA votes.  If he likes the dead so much, he should be a happy man, because American dead are stacking up like cordwood on his watch, while he plays golf and bitches about his press coverage and his polling numbers.

I propose that The President, by executive order, create a park commemorating American dead from both Covid-19 and racial profiling, as an act of national reconciliation. He’d need maybe a half section of land, at this point, only about a tenth the acreage of El Valle de los Caidos, maybe not big enough to suit his ego. Trump would want his park to be bigger than Franco’s.

P.S. Maybe, for the Trump statue in the Heroes’ Garden, Terry Allen could come up with a multi-material casting technique that would allow him to cast Trump in bronze and his diaper in white porcelain. Think of the color contrast. We’re counting on you Terry.




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